This website is dedicated to the works and projects of Monique Raphel High, an internationally known author with a fan base stretching across continents.  For decades now, Monique has been writing stories that have drawn readers to her through her finely tuned characterizations and intricate plots.

In the early Seventies, two writing groups in Pasadena scooped her up and made her welcome.  Often she attended with her young daughter in her arms.  Later, her neighbor heard her making noise on a clunky old IBM her husband had rescued from the basement at his office.  She spoke to her friend, a literary agent, who decided to give the young writer a chance by reading her work.  The agent was myopic, had false eyelashes, and was Hungarian.  Oh, and yes—she wore Qiana.  But she got Monique’s first book published!

Monique believes in writing without any screen between her and her readers.  “What you have to tell me matters,” she says.  She adores her fans and welcomes all their suggestions. 

Monique is deeply committed to Barnard College, her alma mater. She was the Reunion Chair for her class’s Fortieth Reunion in June, 2009. One hundred ten classmates showed up, and 12 of their most beloved professors came to the Class Dinner! Monique was elected President of the Class of 1969 and given a golden statuette shaped like an Oscar to thank her for her work at the Reunion. (See Reunion Photos in the Gallery.) Plans for the next five years are manifold, and include setting up a foundation for class alumnae in need and organizing a network of class experts so that the “alums” may help one another with job searches, referrals, etc.

The Barnard Class of ’69 has created its own website under the aegis of alumna Carol Harlow. Barnard Class of '69


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Join Monique, her books, her projects, her family, her friends, her cats, and her wonderful fans, in this website.  Let’s have some interactive fun!